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Attention GeographyJobs Visitors: Beware of a recent phishing email/spam

July 12, 2012

If you have received an email from a "Dennis Evanson" claiming to be from "Comvitabs" with a job opportunity, please delete the email.  This is a phishing scam and they did not get your email from our database.  Visitors to GeographyJobs sites whom have never registered as a job seeker are receiving these emails.  Our system is secure. Several of my own email addresses received this message, and these email addresses are not registered on the site.

Here is the spam message:

My names is Dennis Evanson and I am writing you. I take a position as a manager for work with clients at Comvitabs.
We are expanding for new members to enlarge our staff. We received your CV on and picked you from all of the remaining candidates. We looked through your professional qualifications and matched to the conflicting claims for the job that we suggest.
At this very moment I would like to state that your qualifications have been chosen for the job offer we have recently started.
We will provide you with a prosperous salary position and your premium depends on the volume of information worked out by you which also contains of a flexible schedule.
If you like this offer please write back me back as soon as possible.
P.S. The ammount of offers is limited

Hope to get your answer soon,
Dennis Evanson


If you ever receive a similar message in the future where you are not addressed by name in the email, or you notice bad spelling, or the message is from a company you've never heard of, be suspicious of a phishing message and delete it.