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New GeographyJobs Features

August 28, 2008

We’ve added some features that should enhance the experience of both employers and job seekers. Here are a few of them:

• Seekers can now subscribe to RSS Job feeds to receive immediate notification of our jobs without even visiting the site.

• Resume Alerts have been added within employer accounts. This allows for email notification when matching resumes or CVs are uploaded to our database. The alert also doubles as a saved search so you can easily find the matching candidate shown in your email.

We’ve also added two features to our job postings.

• The first feature is the option for employers to use Google Maps to show the location of a job. If employers can boast a great location, this is another way we allow you to market your company and your vacancy. Job seekers often wonder about things like transit availability or commuting times when considering a new job and this feature helps to address these issues.

• The second feature is the concept of a “Closing Date” built right into our header information. This is the deadline that the employer sets for accepting applications. If there is no closing date entered by the employer, the Closing Date will display as “OPEN.” If an employer does enter a Closing Date, once elapsed, a red notice appears in the ad stating that the vacancy has expired and that the posting is for reference only. Employers should note that they can re-open job postings at any time during their 60-day run. The Closing Date communicates the urgency with which seekers must apply for a position and the “OPEN” status helps to quell concerns about whether or not to apply based on judgement about an older posting date.

We hope that these little improvements help to make GeographyJobs a better place to look for jobs and find candidates.


Rob Libera

President of GeographyJobs